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Fauna of Gorce National Park

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Animal life is abundant and it includes over 1000 species of invertebrates,  among which there are 23 carpathian endemics. There are numerous species of mountain and boreal invertebrates (about 100 species).  You may find here many species of butterflies ( red admiral, small tortoiseshell, beetles ).

Large forest complexes of Gorce form a home to many animals, which find here their habitats: boar, deer, otter, badger, ermine.  There live 185 species of vertebrates, from which 21 are listed on Polish Red Book of Animals:

-amphibians: carpathian newt,

-birds: grouse, white-backed woodpecker, three-toed woodpecker, wood grouse, lesser spotted eagle, golden eagle, eagle owl, Ural owl, pygmy owl, boreal owl,

mammals: dormouse forest, Parti-coloured bat,Northern Bat, brown bear, lesser horseshoe bat, gray dormouse, Mediterranean water shrew, Eurasian lynx, gray wolf, European wildcat.

The park can boast 9 species of bat, 130 species of fish, 7 species of amphibians. In streams there are fish: brown trout, alpine bullhead.


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