The Church of St. Antony in Męcina

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The Church of St. Antony in Męcina is a Roman Catholic, hisotrical monument built at the end of the XVII century.

The church is listed in the Wooden Architecture Route in Malopolska.

In the place where the church is located, used to be also a wooden temple. It is mentioned in the Peter’s pence in 1325. It is also mentioned in Jan Długosz’s work Liber Beneficjorum. During the Reformation the building was used by the Arian Congregation and from 1605 by the Roman Catholics. It was destroyed in 1685.

The Church of St. Antony in Męcina arose in 1685. In the XVIII century a spire and chapel were added onto the nave. The interior is covered by flat ceilings decorated with polychrome work from 1888 which was renovated in 1982. After a new church was consecrated in 2006, the church plays an auxiliary role.

The church is wooden, log-frame structure.The uniform tin roof covers the nave and the narrower chancel, which is closed on three sides. A vectry was added from the north, a chapel from the south. There is a square bell tower, which at the bottom has a a chorchporch with the main entrance. The church is covered with a galvanised steel. It is surrounded by a stone wall built in 1782.

The interior is covered by flat ceilings decorated with polychrome work from 1888 and renovated in 1982. The walls are decorated wih ornamental motifs (diagonal check with rosettes and floral elements) and the ceilings with figures: the Holy Trinity in the presbytery, the Immaculate Conception in the nave,  the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple in a churchporch, Agony in the Garden  in a side chapel. The main altar consists of a mensa and a top part. In the middle there is a sacred monogram- IHS painted on a canvas. In the central part there is a painting Pensive Christ painted on a canvas. It was painted in 1697-1698 and the rector bought it in 1715. On a bolt there is a painting Lamentation of Christ, funded by a parishioner in 1920.

In the church there are three side altars: Our Lady of the Rosary- with a representation imported by a local Confraternity of the Rosary from Wien in 1867. Behind the painting there is a small statue of the Virgin Mary; St. Antony’s altar and the Jesus’ Heart’s altar- baroque-rococo. Next to it there two baroque statues: Ignacy Loyola and st. Jacob the Apostle.

Most of the fitting is baroque: a wooden pulpit from 740, decorated with the images of four Evangelists. In the middle part there is a fake door from acanthus’ leaves. At the door there is an image of Christ. A neo-renaissance chancel from 1895.  It is worth paying attention to the wooden baroque font from 1608 in a shape of a chalice, confessionals- late-baroque and renaissance from 1740; a bell from 1711 produced by Absalom Wittwerck from Gdańsk, a statue of Jan Nepomucen from the XVIII century, valuable paintings – Ecce Homo from the XVII century, Christ and the Apostles –the XVIII century,  St. John Cantius from the XVII century, st. Stanisław Kostka from 1715, a gothic crucifix from the XVcentury and the stations of the Cross from 1875.

  • Person priest Antoni Piś
  • Address Parafia Rzymskokatolicka p.w. św. Antoniego Opata
    Męcina 10,
    34-654 Męcina
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