Limanowa County / Kamienica Commune / Kamienica Dolna

Elżbieta Citak was born in Kamienica, where she still lives. Graduated from High School of Economics and Floristry. She is the organizational manager of Zespół Regionalny Gorce and Młode Gorce. He conducts folk songs classes and florist activities in Kamienica. In 2016, she was the initiator of Koło Gospodyń Wiejskich in Kamienica Dolna and she is very proud of it. She is also a councilor of Kamienica commune. She is fascinated with paper art, music – mainly highlanders and also writing poetry. Mrs. Elżbieta and her husband Tadeusz love folklore. She mainly deals with paper art but also tries other, more modern techniques of handicrafts. Paper art was a passion for her from her early years. Both her grandmother and mum handled with handicrafts. Mrs. Elżbieta is trying to convey this art to her children. Even her youngest son can make flowers with paper. She is inspired because young generation learns something about regionalism. Paper classes teach the young generation what is beautiful, creative and traditional. Giving other people their works also satisfies her a lot.

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