Limanowa County / Łukowica Commune / Świdnik

Grażyna Biskup was born in Łysa Góra (Brzeg county). After finishing elementary school, she attended the 5-year-old Ceramic Technical School with the profile of artistic ceramics. After graduation she continued her studies at Uniwerytet Ludowy in Wierzchosławice near Tarnów completing a cultural-educational studies. In 1979 she came to Łukowica and started her career here. She also completed the Librarian Studies in Kraków. From the earliest years she sang in the school choir. She belonged to Ludowy Zespół Pieśni i Tańca „Kamionka” in her hometown – Łysa Góra, Brzesko. In 1976, as one of many members of the band (at the age of 17), she was selected for a tour in the United States for the 200th anniversary of American Independence with the band in which she danced and sang. She makes crocheted cloths and creates paper flowers so called the art of origami. She also likes taking pictures. Thanks to her mother her work is a passion for her. Crocheting became her passion when she was on a parental leave which is about 36 years ago. At the beginning, she bought magazines such as „Robótki ręczne”, „Igłą i nitką”, „Anna” etc. and she she took patterns and inspiration from them. She worked in the public library and she taught children during summer and winter holidays. In the course of time, a group of ladies was created and they made paper flowers which were used to decorate palm trees. They also made knitwears and crochet. What inspires her is nice and useful spending time, giving her relatives and friends napkins made by her or decorating her own home or interior of the library where she works. In addition, Grażyna constantly wants to explore the undiscovered possibilities of various handicrafts. Her works were exhibited in Galeria Ośrodka Kultury in Łukowica and she also presented them in Galeria Powiatowej Biblioteki Publicznej in Limanowa and in Centrum Informacji Turystycznej in Limanowa.

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