Limanowa County / Łukowica Commune / Stronie

Krzysztof Kunicki was born in 1956 in Świdnik. She lives and creates in Stronie. He graduated from the Agriculture School, Journeyman and Master of Carpentry, Pedagogical Course. He is a pensioner, a beekeeper and a member of the Carpathian Association of Beekeepers too. For more than 20 years he led a carpentry workshop. Today he deals mainly with basreliefs on sacral and folk themes depicting scenes from the life and work of rural people. Woodworking gives him complete satisfaction. Mr. Krzysztof is a self-taught sculptor. When he gained experience it became his passion. He has it in his genes, the artist’s brother was a sculptor and on the father’s side there were four carpenters too. His brother Stanisław is a sculptor too. The first sculptures in the pine bark were made when he was 13 years old. They were shown at the exhibition in the Museum of Limanowa Region. At the age of 16-18 he carved small figurines of 8-10 cm high, some of which have survived up to this day. After reaching majority he worked in a carpenter’s workshop and returned to the sculpture after his retirement. The inspiration for Mr. Krzysztof is the desire to consolidate in his works disappearing scenes from people’s lives, folklore beliefs and rituals. Mr. Krzysztof’s carpentry workshop was equipped with machines and tools. You can also meet him carving in the orchard or in the apiary. He is willing to show and talk about his work. His works can be admired on the „Szlak Tradycyjnego Rzemiosła” site (Traditional Crafts Trail) – Krzysztof Kunicki, Stronie. The first exhibition of his works was held in Muzeum Ziemi Limanowskiej. Other events in which he participated were: Dni Sądeczanina Roku – Sokół Nowy Sącz, Powiatowe Święto Owocobrania – Łukowica, Dni Limanowej, Exhibition in Powiatowe Centrum Informatyki Turystycznej in Limanowa, Family Exhibition in GOK Łukowica, the exhibition of creators of Gmina Łukowica GOK Łukowica.

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